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5 Wedding Photography Tips For Most Extraordinary Wedding Pictures

The scenario of wedding photography has changed drastically in the past few years. Wedding photos are the most important thing for a couple since they are a beautiful testament of their loving relationship and cherished bond. These wedding photos last a lifetime and therefore, it is important you nail your wedding photoshoot. Here are a few wedding photography tips that will make yours extraordinary!

  1. Planning is everything: Plan everything including the minutest details with your wedding photographers ahead of your wedding day. Discuss with them the kind of shots you would like to be taken. Take them to your wedding venue so that they can take a tour and work on the best angles and shots to capture your wedding. You need to meet with your wedding photographers before the ceremony so that you feel comfortable on the final day. You will feel at ease and more relaxed when you know someone familiar is taking your photos. 
  2. Lighting does matter: Even in wedding photography, lighting does matter. If you are drawn to the idea of a sunset photoshoot, you must know that you will get even more better lighting a few hours before the sunset. Get most romantic and incredible wedding pics taken during this ‘golden hour’ if you want a stunning wedding portfolio for yourself. Both sunset and sunrise are also a great time to get your pre wedding photoshoot done. Confirm with your wedding photographer if he has the apt gear and equipment to capture your photoshoot and videography.
  3. Meet your partner before the ceremony: Your engagement party should not be the first time you get your photos clicked as a couple. Since this marriage thing is all new for you, meeting your partner before the ceremonies and getting casual photos clicked can actually make you both feel at ease and avoid the wedding faux pas. This will also help you build a solid chemistry that will reflect well in your photos on the wedding day. Having a good photographer is not enough, you need to enjoy the process too.
  4. Work on your chemistry: At the end of the day, it is about you and your partner and not about how great the skills of your wedding photographers are. If you do not envision yourself sharing the life with the person standing next to you or feel excited or passionate, not even the best wedding photographers can do anything. You and your partner will have to bring out that magic in the photos and guess what it comes naturally. If you can see yourself having fun with the partner you have chosen for yourself, show that in your pictures and your photos will turn out to be fantabulous.
  5. The tiring process after the wedding: So you thought you are done after your wedding? No, you are far from done. After the wedding photoshoot comes the tiring process of finalizing the best photos from a thousand pictures that will go into your wedding album. Ask wedding photographers that couples take months sometimes more than a year to get their wedding album made. This is because there are countless decisions to be made like the selection and material of the cover, the best photos to include etc. So, be sure to select the best wedding photos that best reflect your journey as a couple and your wedding story.

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