Candid Wedding Photography

Forget about just the right poses for your wedding day, let’s get candid with Subodh Bajpai Photography!

Your wedding day is all about you and your BAE! It's the beginning of a new relationship and bond that you will cherish forever. So, couples nowadays believe in celebrating the BIG DAY with FULL FREEDOM and ENTHUSIASM!! They believe all those emotions, excitement, and jitters should be captured in a candid form rather than planned. At Subodh Bajpai we master the art of capturing candid moments and give them a more authentic and original feel!

We are the candid wedding photography wizards!

Candid photographs are as real as the moment itself. We love snapping around natural shots of the bride and the groom, and the guests rejoicing the moments. Our team is bombarded with fresh and new candid wedding photography ideas, we are always pumped up with enormous vigour and passion for your special day. No matter whether you are camera ready or not, we make sure we click some uber cool candid shots of you and your loved ones gifting you memories of a lifetime. At Subodh Bajpai Photography, we don't just believe in candid photos, it's the new age mantra we follow in all our wedding photoshoots. This is what makes us the best and most trusted candid wedding photographers in Lucknow.

Candid photography is picking up pace!

Candid style of photography is picking pace amongst couples. What you get in the end is a wonderful blend of memories worth keeping for a lifetime. All you need is a bunch of experienced candid wedding photographers who can capture the moments perfectly even when you are not posing for the camera. The fleeting natural expressions and movements pose a great challenge to the photographers, but we just love them. Surprise, fun, laughter, curiocity or a tear - we try to catch them all at the right moment. Technically trained and driven by passion, no candid moment can escape our seasoned eyes.

Why hire us as your best candid photographers?

Captured in an informal setting, our candid wedding photography services allow the bride and groom to be themselves and totally absorb in the biggest moment of their life letting others know about their relationship goals and love.

We are the best candid wedding photographers in Lucknow. In 2018 alone, we have stolen the hearts of approx 500 couples and families so far. You can take a peep into our work on candid photography on our website.

Candid wedding photography is the next big photography trend and the new generation is totally embracing the trend for their wedding day! We as photographers are proud to keep ourselves abreast with the latest developments in the field of wedding photography. Just when you are ready with your makeup or adorning that gorgeous outfit, or sharing some warm moments with your bridesmaids and cousins around, we pull out our magical lenses to capture all those candid moments perfectly before you lose them forever! Protection Status | © 2019-2020 Subodh Bajpai Photography. All Rights Reserved. | Design & Market By Digital Markitors - (Best SEO Company in Lucknow)