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Ways to Plan Weddings amid Corona Crisis

This year, countless weddings have already been postponed due to the corona outbreak. While some couples have put their weddings on hold, some of them are considering alternative options such as virtual weddings or planning intimate or small affair with only close family or friends by their side. The ‘normal life’ for the wedding planning and related industry will be small weddings in the future with topnotch hygiene standards and social distancing becoming the essential norm. Even after this pandemic effect, Indian weddings will no longer be the same i.e. ravishing, big, and movie-like. Post corona crisis, weddings will need masks, sanitization, and several other safety measures but without affecting the spirit of the ‘festivities’.

If you already have the best wedding photography services by your side but worried about wedding planning, then look at the following points to have a memorable day:

#1 Intimate and Small Weddings

With countless uncertainties over how long the Corona outbreak will last, more and more people are now getting married in intimate/ple only, another great option would be a small wedding.

Instead of postponing your special day, plan a small function with your parents, close relatives, and friends. But YES! All your guests have to be tested for temperature, must wear masks, maintain social distancing, and sanitize their hands frequently. Additionally, all the safety measures have to be followed for serving the food. Scaling down your guest list for your special day will give you more time and opportunities to personalize elements and spend more yet quality time with the ones who are MOST IMPORTANT for you.

#2 Virtual Vows and Digital Weddings

With work from home and online classes, many are now using this technology for virtual weddings too. Dance performance can also be done recorded or live for the ‘sangeet’ ceremony. Weddings can also be broadcasted on zoom calls or Facebook live with your close family members and friends.

We all know that India is the country which is known for its big fat and vivacious wedding functions where all the ceremonies last for 3-4 days at least. So, it is good not to postpone your special day’s date and modify all your wedding ceremonies under the Corona pandemic with a limited number of attendees from both sides. It is one of the perfect options for couples who are in different states. The bride decked up in her beautiful lehenga from another state while her prince charming join in his ravishing sherwani from another state with attendees logging in from the different corners of the world to witness the most wonderful day of your life. When it comes to the invitation, you can share e-invitations along with the video call link.

Do not postpone your wedding due to the corona crisis! Inform your guest in advance

Just make a list of people you want to inform first i.e. your close family members, friends, etc. Now, make another list of those who reside in different states or countries and had plans to travel to attend your wedding functions. But, the question remains constant! How to inform them? Do not worry! We all understand that dropping a personal message or calling everyone can be a daunting task and might take you ‘forever’ to inform your guests! So, it is best to delegate this task to your close family members while you can inform your friends through a WhatsApp message or e-mail.

What to do if your wedding photography team, wedding planner, venue, etc. are not available on the NEW wedding date?

Even if you want to postpone your wedding day, then it is best to ensure that you will get your dream team on the new date of your wedding to make your special day even more memorable. Otherwise, it is good to go with the flow and have a small but unforgettable wedding by opting for the ideas that we have listed above.

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