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Wedding Planning Checklist : 9-10 Months Before Your Wedding

Wedding planning can be an overwhelming affair. As soon as your wedding date is finalized, the countdown begins. Even if your wedding date is a year away, there are plenty of things to plan and align to make your wedding a hassle-free and memorable affair.

  1. Wedding Venue: The wedding venue makes a huge difference. It is a very important part of your perfect day. Pick your perfect wedding location at least 9-10 months before your wedding. Whether you want it in closed space or an alfresco wedding is one of the most important things you should take into consideration while planning your wedding. In case you have planned for a destination wedding, then you need to decide if it’s going to be in India or international. Before you finalize upon the place, you also need to make some important decisions regarding the size of your gathering. Is it going to be a grand wedding or a small, intimate affair?
  2. Wedding Dress: This is one of the most important elements, at least for a bride. A woman has dreamt of her wedding dress ever since she was a little girl. So, it has to be perfect. What designer you are going to go with? Which color should your bridal dress be? There are all sorts of choices available. As a couple, you would want to coordinate the color of your dresses. So, prepare accordingly.
  3. Wedding Photographer: You should have one of the top-class wedding photographers for your wedding. How else are you going to record one of the most important events of your life in a frame? A great photographer will ensure that he captures all the precious moments of your wedding day. From pre-wedding photo shoot to your D-day ceremony, get everything picture perfect by hiring the best photographer for you. Browse social media for portfolios, talk to potential people, and create a comfortable rapport before finalizing your photographer. Since wedding photographers have a busy schedule, you ought to book in advance if you want the best wedding photographer to shoot your photos.
  4. Guest lists and wedding invitations: Well, you should really prepare your guest list before finalizing the venue. The size of your guest list will decide the size of the venue. Make sure you invite all the important people and do not miss anyone out. Another thing to keep in mind here is the wedding invitations. Select the design and greeting to go on your cards. Send your wedding invites well in advance so that you have enough time to receive RSVPs and decide for your guests accordingly. You can also send e-invites or WhatsApp video messages as invites if you are eco-friendly and want to save some bucks on your wedding prep.
  5. Hair & Make-up Artist: If you are a bride who is reading this, take notes on this one. Every bride wants to look pretty on her wedding. And the look that you have imagined for yourself is only possible if you have a great makeup and hair stylist for all your wedding functions. Let them know what you have in mind and ask for their opinion as they are the experts.

Hope this mini-checklist is helpful to you to plan an awesome-sauce wedding for yourself.

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