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Top 10 Innovative and Creative Photo Shoot Ideas At A Glance

Why are pre-wedding photo sessions essential in modern times? This question is often as asked by the couples who are acquainted with this concept for the first time. Even though, in this current wave of modernism, every individual is familiar with the pre-wedding photo session, but, there are many who have to explore the same. Hence, it is worth discussing how pre-wedding photoshoot can nurture the relationship of two individuals while making their bonding stronger.

To start with, a pre-wedding photo session is aimed at letting the to-be-wed couple develop a love bond towards each other. All inhibitions can be shed and the couple can explore likes and dpreislikes of each other. Moreover, they get to spend quality time and pre-wedding photography offers them various prospects of improving compatibility between them.

Approach of wedding photographers towards pre-wedding poses

The photographer uses tricks, intellect, creativity and expertise to customize pre-wedding poses for all the couples. Due to his vast experience in executing pre-wedding and wedding projects, he is able to guide to-be-wed couples in striking the best poses. Basically, the presence of candidness in pre-wedding shoot marks the brilliance of each photographer. Besides, this shoot has higher possibilities of adding excitement to the celebration because of the variations involved in it.  Every pre-wedding shoot pose gets finalized by the photographer or team of photographers. The next step is to seek consent of family members and then decide which poses are to be retained.

Since every couple has a unique love story in love marriage, it gets portrayed in the pre-wedding photography accordingly. On the other resenting the amazing experience of two individuals trying crazy things to know each other gets depicted in pre-wedding photoshoot. There are other aspects which get identified by these photographers ranging from selection of proper venue, props to be used, execution of theme and maintaining elegance to other similar concerns. These concerns may seem to be minute, but their implication is bigger and can be decisive in delivering the best outcome. The pre-wedding photographer is able to make his vision real by aligning all the aspects.

Relevance of choosing unique pre-wedding pose

There are many couples who have preferred destination special photoshoot which means pre-wedding shoot pose have to be customized in a peculiar way. The wedding photographer has to ensure all the elements like proper light, exposure, HD quality picture, lens, using location and others fill the vacuum. With this prerequisite, he can make sure poses and location can gel together adding to delightful experience. Here are top 10 interesting and candid pre-wedding poses which had been captured by the team of Subodh Bajpai Photography.  Take a look at them and you will realize the power of pre-wedding photography and get some ideas for your pre-wedding shoot:

  1. It’s time to welcome colors of love: This candid pose for pre-wedding photography is visually attractive as well as the theme seems to be very impressive. The perfect ambiance complements the colors spread in the air and colors shot from the couple’s color gun. Like they say, Love is in the air! This pre-wedding pose reflects that colors of love have already changed their life and the lovely couple is enjoying the moment!

  2. Here’s a peck of love…a promise to be with you: The main purpose of pre-wedding shoot is to offer endless opportunities to the couple to add spark to their love. Be it love or arranged, every couple can find its magical moment through the poses suggested by the pre-wedding photographer. In this pose, the to-be-groom is all set to show his gentleman nature and lovingly gives a peck on the forehead of his sweetheart. She is also mesmerized and feels the warmth of his love. In all, this is one of the pre-wedding poses where candidness picture can be witnessed and the “Awww…” expression will be the remark at first sight by guests and near & dear ones!

  3. The perfect Bollywood Scene: Doesn’t it look like a shoot for movie song with bird fleet and monument in the background? Well, this pose shows naturalness and relaxed mood of the couple. The team of pre-wedding photographers has made the best use of destination and added creative pose in the pre-wedding photoshoot for this couple. This picture shows how two people can spend time together undisturbed by the bird fleet all around

  4. The charm of midnight romance: Isn’t it such a fairytale view where the prince and princess are lost in midnight romance? The Subodh Bajpai Photography team has shot this perfect moment filled with subtleness in it. Candid pre-wedding photography is always a forte of wedding photographers, but, this pre-wedding shoot pose is their exemplar work. It seems this couple has already attained compatibility in their relationship.

  5. You are my world…let’s live the moment: This couple seems to be into each other already! This pre-wedding pose is indeed very natural where the couple can be seen enjoying the company of each other. Few moments alone…away from the family…this is how this pre-wedding shoot pose has been planned to bring candidness in the picture.

  6. Petals of rose all over you…it’s shower of my love: Every boy wants to welcome his beloved with utmost warmth. Even girls want to express their love towards him. It is this mutual exchange of love makes them a perfect couple. With this pre-wedding shoot pose, the photographer has depicted new innings of the couple. This nature photo represents happiness, perfect location and creative element of pre-wedding photography.

  7. Seeking blessings from dawn of love: Dawn is the best time to experience the real and natural beauty of nature. When this natural beauty is blended into love… the shot becomes marvelous. The Subodh Bajpai Photography team has given it a magical appeal by using this pre-wedding shoot pose. This pose even indicates the significance of selecting the right location and utilizing the advanced technology to capture the perfect love moment.

  8. A good luck kiss for perfect journey of love: No matter the couple is traditional or modern… the essence of Good Luck is acknowledged by everyone. Some couples show it while others silently love to feel the need of being blessed by this good fortune. This picture of pre-wedding photoshoot signifies the to-be-bride wants her partner in crime to drive safe and hence, she is giving a good luck Peck to him. Besides, the story behind every picture is vast, so, is this pose depicting. This couple is all cheered up to welcome the new phase in their life and the pre-wedding photography is reflecting the same rightly.

  9. Twist in love story…girl bows on knee to propose:  Modern pre-wedding photography is all about breaking the norms and welcoming new trends. This pre-wedding shoot pose shows that even girls can pour their heart in front of their fiancé. The in-depth of emotions and charm of the relationship can be witnessed in this photo. The team of Subodh Bajpai Photography has clearly shown the example of their creativity and out-of-the-box imagination used in poses for pre-wedding photography.

  10. Keep your worries aside…let me take you to world of love: This couple shows how love can keep worries away! This is one of the creative pre-wedding poses where the couple can feel nostalgic about childhood days of playfulness. Even though, this pose is about playfulness yet it has an in-depth connotation of sharing responsibility. The Subodh Bajpai Photography team has shown candidness in this photo without amiss.

In a nutshell, Subodh Bajpai Photography has filled gaps of wedding photography by welcoming new trends. Be it the innovative pose, stylish backdrop or perfect setup, the team knows how to offer the best solution to clients according to their customized requirements.

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