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17 Awesome Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations In and Around Delhi

Wedding season for a family starts with the pre-wedding schedule to cherish the memories of the couple after engagement and before marriage. Basically, the pre-wedding shoot is planned and executed in a creative manner to add thrill to the excitement to the celebration of getting married. Pre-wedding moments are inherently beautiful because they capture candid and mixed emotions of the couple at various destinations. From the very theme of the shoot, innovative ideas for pre-wedding to selection of the best location, every segment brings along happiness by unfolding each scene. At this moment, it is ideal to take a look at the top pre-wedding shoot locations in Delhi as well as nearby areas.

Top 17 pre-wedding shoot locations in Delhi and nearby areas

      Humayun’s Tomb
      Lodhi Gardens
      Heritage Transport Museum
      Okhla Bird Sanctuary
      Tikli Bottom
      Agrasen ki Baoli
      The Perfect Location, Faridabad
      Connaught Place
      ITC Grand Bharat, Gurgaon
      Lodhi Art District
      The Roseate, Delhi
      India Gate
      Garden of Five Senses
      Neemrana Fort Palace
      The Rail Museum
      Champa Gali
      Tarudhan Valley Golf Resort

Why should the couple consider these pre-wedding shoot places in Delhi?

All the options of places mentioned above for pre-wedding shoot have their unique significance. Besides, they play a vital role in offering the best way to the couple to explore the venue with utmost comfort. For instance, people who prefer historic places can make the most out of these marvels during their shoot. On the other hand, sight-seeing, exploration, grand celebration and being clicked amidst the shoot with innumerable ideas offer the perfect time to express the heart-felt feelings or simply record memories of quality time spent by the couple together. Here’s a quick overview of the destinations to be taken into consideration while finalizing the pre-wedding photoshoot package in Delhi:

#1 Humayun’s Tomb

Located on Matura road, Humayun’s Tomb is an enchanting historical location which depicts Mughal art. It has become the prominent pre-wedding location in Delhi due to its appealing architecture, serene nature around the tomb and lush greenery. In addition, it adds captivating factors to the pre-wedding shoot further making Humayun Tomb, the perfect place for shooting the pre-wedding moments. Marble buildings, red stones and magnificent sculpting altogether make this place the topmost choice for the shoot.

  • Location: Mathura Road, Opposite to Nizamuddin Dargah
  • Timings: Sunrise to Sunset
  • Opening Days: Remains opened throughout the week

#2 Lodhi Gardens

Lodhi Gardens is historic as well as sight-seeing destination where tranquillity always prevails. The soothing greenery, aesthetically built fort and pleasant surroundings of this place make it the right choice for pre-wedding shoot in Delhi. It is located at Lodhi Estate in New Delhi known for ancient structures and prehistoric aura. Photographs and videos captured at Lodhi Gardens act as perfect memoir of pre-wedding even years after the wedding. Green open spaces blended with ancient buildings make this place ideal to get clicked and shot while spending quality time over here.

  • Location: Lodhi Estate, New Delhi
  • Timings: 6:00 am to 7:30 PM
  • Opening Days: Remains opened throughout the week

#3 Heritage Transport Museum

The fun-loving couples always prefer quirky photoshoot for making pre-wedding moments special and memorable. In such a scenario, Heritage Transport Museum is the best choice as it comprises of scintillating backdrops. Located on NH-8, Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, this museum offers exclusive options to the couple for pre-wedding shoot in Delhi. Th spacious 90, 000 sq. metres’ area of Heritage Transport Museum makes it the best location to be considered for celebrating the happiness of togetherness. The venue is suitable for filling fun-factor in the equation of love among the couples.

  • Location: Bilaspur, NH-8, Gurgaon, Haryana
  • Timings: 10: 00 am to 7:00 PM

#4 Okhla Bird Sanctuary

When it comes to choose the location, which is magnanimous in terms of natural scenery and sight-seeing, then, Okhla Bird Sanctuary is the best option for pre-wedding shoot. In the lap of nature, the couple can explore the beauty of their nature and get captured in the natural backdrop. The soothing touch of this pre-wedding shoot is magical. Located in Noida, Delhi NCR, Okhla Bird Sanctuary offers breath-taking views and exquisite surroundings to record pre-wedding moments. Candid photography scopes increase at this naturally beautiful location suitable for the shoot.

  • Location: Noida Plaza, Noida, Delhi NCR
  • Timings: 7: 00 am to 5: 30 pm
  • Opening Days: Remains open throughout the week

#5 Tikli Bottom

Located amidst large farmland, Tikli Bottom is an English cottage which acts as an ideal location for couples who want picturesque beauty to be covered in the pre-wedding shoot in Delhi. Extensive space covered by lawn swimming pool, natural beauty and picnic elements are all available at Tikli Bottom. These elements make it the best venue for pre-wedding shoot.

  • Location: Tikli, Gurgaon, Haryana
  • Timings: Best time to visit is afternoon
  • Opening Days: Check the schedule before planning pre-wedding shoot

#6 Agrasen ki Baoli

Ancient culture depicted in the fort of Agrasen ki Baoli makes it the perfect destination for the couples to get clicked and shot at. Particularly, in terms of pre-wedding shoot location in Delhi, it is the ideal for the couples who love historical monuments and natural scenery. Located in Connaught Place, Delhi, Agrasen ki Baoli reflects an assortment of stone and rocks along with exclusive backdrop for pre-wedding photography.

  • Location: Connaught Place, Delhi
  • Timings: 7: 00 am to 6: 00 PM
  • Opening Days: Throughout the year

#7 The Perfect Location, Faridabad

As the name suggests, The Perfect Location offers attractive backdrops to the couples for their pre-wedding shoot. A palatial beauty, décor and silence are the three pillars which make it one of the best pre-wedding places in Delhi. It is located in Faridabad and can be easily reached at.

  • Location: Faridabad Sector 27, Haryana
  • Timings: Stays opened till 6: 00 pm

#8 Connaught Place

Located in the Central Delhi Connaught Place is a very vibrant place to be at. Be it a natural stroll or planned theme for pre-wedding shoot near malls, cafeterias or any outdoor location, this place acts as the perfect option. Couples can hangout and treasure happy moments as the pre-wedding photographer frames them aptly.

  • How to Reach: Get down at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station and find the best spots to get shot at
  • Best Time to Visit: Evening time (Summer); After the sunrise and till the sunset (Winter).

#9 ITC Grand Bharat, Gurgaon

ITC Grand Bharat is the best place for adding royal touch to pre-wedding shoot. Located in Gurgoan, this hotel offers majestic appeal to the surroundings for the photoshoot for pre-wedding.

  • Location: Mewat District, Gurgaon, Haryana

#10 Lodhi Art District

The contemporary society of Lodhi Colony can be experienced by shooting pre-wedding moments at Lodhi Art District. The colourful painted walls now look like public gallery further acting is the perfect masterpiece of street artists in Delhi.

  • Location: Lodhi Colony New Delhi
  • Open 24 hours

#11 The Roseate

Situated amidst the Gurgaon and Delhi, The Roseate acts as the best pre-wedding shoot location In Delhi known for the natural beauty. Soothing water bodies and majestic architecture of this place makes it the best location for capturing candid moments of pre-wedding. It is also a budget-friendly option which serves the ultimate purpose of pre-wedding photography.

  • Location: NH-8, Samalka, New Delhi

#12 India Gate

Located in New Delhi, India Gate has now become the best pre-wedding location apart from picnic. The chirpiness in the atmosphere, street shopping, snacking and lots of enjoyment call for perfect photography instincts for pre-wedding. Monument acts as a backdrop and a lasting memory which can make couple nostalgic after marriage.

  • Location: Rajpath, India Gate, New Delhi
  • No Entry Fee

#13 Garden of Five Senses

Located in New Delhi, this sight-seeing place can help couples unwind stress and enjoy the pre-wedding shoot amidst the scenery of Garden of Five senses. The prospects of candid photography increase when the photographer shoots couple near majestic rocks further lending an absolutely stunning look to pre-wedding photography.

  • Location: Near Saket Metro Station, Said- Ul-Ajaib, New Delhi
  • Entry Fee INR 30
  • Timings: Depending on the summer and winter schedule

#14 Neemrana Fort Palace

Celebrating the Rajput splendour, Neemrana Fort Palace is a very amiable pre-wedding location in Delhi. It offers scenic beauty, tranquillity of nature, lush greenery and well-maintained lawns as the fascinating elements for pre-wedding photography in Delhi.

  • Location: Alwar, Neemrana Rajasthan
  • Timings: 9:00 am to 4:00 everyday
  • Entry Fee: INR 500

#15 The Rail Museum

Apart from the heritage and nature, adventure is something which remains in the memories of the couple after the marriage. It is the innovative planning of pre-wedding photographer which can utilize Rail Museum as the ideal pre-wedding shoot location in Delhi. Trains and locomotives over here act as the attractive props for the shoot.

  • Location: Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
  • Entry Fee: INR 50
  • Timings: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

#16 Champa Gali

Couples looking for fairy tale like experience of pre-wedding can choose Champa Gali as the pre-wedding place in Delhi. They can hire a pre-wedding photographer who can precisely use the backdrop, lighting, and the entire scenic beauty to deliver the luxurious fairy-tale impact in the pre-wedding shoot in Delhi. This venue will narrate story of unison of two souls if the highly experienced photographers are contacted by the couple or their family before scheduling the photo or video shoot.

  • Location: Westend Marg, Said-ul-ajaib, Saket

#17 Tarudhan Valley Golf Resort

Along with rejuvenation, some action is needed to make pre-wedding shoot interesting. Hence, Tarudhan Valley Golf resort offers prospects to couple of exploring the wide field during their shoot. Lush landscapes and open space of Tarudhan Valley Resort enables the couple and photographer to utilize the session rightly as well as naturally.

  • Location: Village Dadu, Tehsil Taru, Bissar Akbarpur, Haryana
  • Open 24 hours

Select the preferred pre-wedding shoot location in Delhi and the best photographer Now, that the pre-wedding locations in Delhi NCR are listed above, it will become easier for couples to select the best out of them. Nevertheless, if you want to choose the ideal pre-wedding shoot package in Delhi, you need to find the best wedding photographer in Delhi. Along with his team, he will evaluate your preferences for the pre-wedding shoot and accordingly recommend the package. Subodh Bajpai Photography offers premium as well as exclusively tailored wedding photography and pre-wedding photography services based on the requirements of the clients.

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