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Plan Your Wedding at The World’s Most Beautiful Destinations

A wedding is the most awaited affair in a person’s life to be cherished for eternity. It is a pious journey where two souls get united for a lifetime. Nowadays there are many couples who are breaking the tradition of organizing big ceremonies inviting all their friends, family and known acquaintances. They are reimagining their wedding in a more intimate and personalized manner with a smaller guest list and little less family drama. Couples are opting to start their new journey of life in a scenic and exotic location. And the trend is called destination weddings!

Here, we have shortlisted a list of places in the globe that offer you a rich tapestry of landscapes- both natural and artificial. Not only you, but your guests will also enjoy immersing in the unique nuptial ceremonies amidst the incredible views of white-sand beaches, scenic mountain tops, and turquoise seas.

Bahamas - Located approximately 50 miles off the coast of Florida, Bahamas has become the hot destination for couples to get married. Known as the Paradise Island, The Bahamas Islands are the most preferred wedding location in Bahamas for a picture perfect ceremony alongside the beautiful waves splashing onto the shore. Also some beaches in Bahamas such as the Sandy Point are a quiet place with uninterrupted sunset viewing. Opting for the sunset ceremony at such locations with stunning sunsets can add to your beautiful wedding pictures. Catching the sun sink blissfully behind the horizon could be one of the best feels for your wedding guests and the onlookers. And also, the best destination wedding photographers can capture such beautiful backdrops perfectly.

Italy - Italy is a real treasure to discover when thinking of a contemporary and trendy destination wedding with limitless wedding locales. From Rome, Florence, Venice to Tuscany and Lake Como, the list goes on. It is an ideal destination wedding venue to enjoy the rustic peacefulness along with the beautiful golden beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. Hosting the reception party after sunset is the perfect way to celebrate your wedding while enjoying a glass of wine around the barbecue under the stars. Each city of Italy has its own unique beauty which will surely make your wedding a memorable experience.

Costa Rica – For the couples dreaming to host their wedding in a tropical setting, this place is a best-kept secret in Central America. This place is abundantly rich with unspoiled pristine beaches, lush green rainforests, and exotic wildlife creatures. The myriad of options available here make it a perfect wedding destination for nature lovers. Apart from taking part in the ceremonies, couples can keep their guests engaged in exhilarating outdoor activities like horse-riding, hiking, fishing and exploring the vibrant eco-system of this privileged location.

Hawaii – The wedding experience on the tropical luxurious island of Hawaii offers a perfect fairy-tale setting to couples to take vows on a logic defying colourful beaches of the city. Organising a beach-side heart-warming party is the perfect way to explore the serene beauty of this place. Blessed with year round gorgeous weather, stunning beaches and the jaw dropping sunset views make this place the most romantic venue for destination wedding amongst the couples. This place offers the visitors an unforgettable experience soaked in breathtaking views and tranquil waterways.

France- Famed as the ‘City of Romance’, France is the most luxurious destination for couples who want to tie a knot amidst the picturesque settings. This place offers a diverse range of wedding location options boasting of flourishing vineyards, cozy villages, dazzling Mediterranean beaches, and scrumptious French cuisines. Only the best destination wedding photographers would know how to capture your celebrations amidst these perfect settings. Situated in the heart of France, Paris is the most hot-picked destination amongst the contemporary lovers to get hitched. This place is blessed with plethora of timeless romantic resorts, mansions, palaces to turn your dream of a fairy-tale wedding into reality. You must note that a French wedding is incomplete without raising a toast while the couples say “I DO” to each other. 

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