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Meghna Rai - The Wedding - True Love Story

I am working as an Assistant Manager in MTNL, Mumbai and my fiancé is a proud Indian Naval Officer. Both of us were in two different zones when we first met on shaadi.com, a matrimonial site that helps people meet across the globe. In fact, the site itself claims of 60 lakhs success stories so far. And one is my story in those 60 lakhs! Yes, as I said we met online, we started talking to each other. Of course, it’s not very easy for two to initiate talks when they meet online. Same happened with us too, initially our conversation and talks used to be a slightly weird because of our busy work schedule and other things.

Gradually, we started texting and calling each other. As the time passed by, we realized that most of our hobbies are the same. Like, both of us are fitness enthusiasts, we love participating in marathons, we love traveling, photography, food blogging, so on and so forth.

Not because our hobbies were the same, but after talking to him, I realized that he is exactly the one I have always been looking for or I shall put it like this – he is exactly the same, I wanted my man to be. That’s how my heart got to know that the search is now over.

Our story continued a bit more and we decided to meet. We first met in Visakhapatnam, the city of destiny and that was the place where he nodded in YES to my marriage proposal. Of course, love was in the air! I still embrace and cherish those wonderful moments when we two met for the first time after talking on phones and chats.

Later we made it formal as we introduced each other to our families and our families also signaled ‘GO AHEAD’ for marriage. My family has always been a pillar of strength to me and still they are and they will always be happy!

So, this is my Happy Story!! I hope you all loved it!

Meghna Rai

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