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How to Take Perfect Selfies?

Everyone takes a selfie at least occasionally. We all are concerned about how to look pretty in pictures. And each time when we take a selfie, we wonder which pose is the least pretentious but most flattering. But, how to take perfect selfies? Mere mortals like us are here to help you learn the ways to take impeccable selfies. For us, there are three major components to ensure good pictures – lighting, framing/composition, and stance. Each of these elements intertwines with another to determine what the final image will look like.

Below, we will dive into several other components to know how to take attention-grabbing selfies:

      Perfect Lighting Ensures Perfect Selfies
      Play with Angles to Find the Best One
      Let your friends accompany you to double the excitement
      Night mode can bring splendour to your pre-wedding shoot
      Sky lanterns, colour shotgun and fireworks for dramatic side-effects
      Underwater pre-wedding shoot idea gets a thumbs up

#1 Perfect Lighting Ensures Perfect Selfies

It sounds quite obvious, but it is the rule of thumb to take perfect selfies. You need good lighting – natural lighting. It is undeniably the best beauty product or filters you can use. Rather than facing television or computer screen, simply turn toward a window for natural light or you can go outside and bask in the glow of the sun (do not forget to apply sunscreen). With good lighting, you can hide some flaws and enhance your natural beauty. To put it simply, you can click perfect selfies in natural and nice sunlight.

#2 Play with Angles to Find the Best One

One pro tip for you to take perfect selfies is – keep the camera up and your chin down. It means, keep your mobile on the position so that it comes with the levels of your eyes or you can simply use a selfie stick. It is the best way to look like a supermodel and svelte in the pictures. Moreover, you should never directly stare into the camera. Most people do not look their best when looking straight. Hence, it is suggested to turn your face a little bit, not completely to capture amazing selfies.

#3 Avoid Unnecessary Shadows

In photography, there is nothing worse than having shadows casting over your face. To avoid shadows, it is best to face the natural lighting directly. If it is the middle of the day, the sun will be high and shadows can look like nothing but bags under your eyes. The best time to take selfies is during sunset or sunrise when the lighting is not only low but beautiful yet perfect as well.

#4 Do Not Use Flash All the Time

While searching for the natural lights and avoiding shadows are the best way to take perfect selfies, there are times when you will want to take pictures in dark. Whether you are sitting on your couch and watching your favourite Netflix series or enjoying with your friends in the club, how will you take the selfies when there is low or no light! Just turn on your camera and flashlight to take selfies. Even though your face will look excessively brighter with white light, you can play with the editing features of your phone to make it near perfect.

#5 Do Not Over-Edit Your Selfies

This tip is interconnected with the above-listed one. While editing or filtering your selfies, always use a light touch, Really Really Light Touch! Our tip for you is – just touch up the areas that glaringly clear to you. If you are using an app for filters, do not use it at its maximum capacity. Try to keep your selfies look a little less edited even if you are using editing apps.

#6 SMILE!! It Is the Best Makeup You Can Wear

No selfie will look bad if you flash a natural smile. Never contort your face into a smile that is too forced or too big. Your real smiles are always the best way to look appealing and beautiful in pictures. However, if you are planning to go with some serious-looking selfies, then try to smile with your beautiful eyes. Additionally, try not to fake your expressions. Keep things as much natural as possible to take selfies like a pro.

Final Words

So, next time whenever you whip out your mobile to take pictures, keep these essential points in your mind to capture perfect selfies. If you are not sure or looking for a recommendation about the best photography company, get in touch with us at contact@subodhbajpai.in to explore the right services and suitable packages. Our professional photographers will assist you and tailor the services as per your precise needs.

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