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Best Cameras For Wedding Photography

Are you planning be a wedding photographer and deliver exceptional service?  If yes, then you must get the world class equipments which will help you to ‘shoot’ some beautiful pictures. The camera manufacturing companies are coming up with better designs and more handy devices to offer users with clearer pictures and more realistic photos.

The camera you are going to invest on must have all the required features. As the camera isn’t a device that you might wish to change every year, it is better to buy one that doesn’t require to be changed. However, different cameras fit different purposes and not anyone camera is perfect to fit all the purposes equally well.

Here are few of the best photography cameras available in the market that you would want to use and take the best shots from.

Sony A7R III – The image processing system of the camera is amazing and it comes with a mirrorless screen and a touch screen for better functioning. The most notable features of this camera are:

  • It comes with two times more improved AF speed so that the moving candid moments in a wedding can be captured without distortion.
  • It has a 42.4 mp 35mm full-frame processing system for a better quality of photographs and clarity.
  • The camera offers high-speed continuous shooting up to 10fps
  • The battery life of the camera is amazing and the photographer can capture up to 650 pictures with a fully charged battery so that every special moment is recorded without any issue.
  • The expandable ISO range of the camera makes it a perfect device to be used in the low lights so that the photographer can take beautiful pictures at night time as well.

Nikon D850 – Due to the numerous features it comes with, the Nikon D850 is recognized as the ruling camera in the Digital Single Lens Reflex range.

  • The super-long battery life that is claimed to be offered by the company is up to 1845 shots with a single charge. It makes this camera useful to the ones who are short of time and have to attend more than one function at a go.
  • The impressive 45.7 megapixels and 8K UHD time lapse movie making options make this device stand apart from the other devices available in the market. It also helps in getting clearer and most attractive sets of pictures
  • The EXPEED 5 Image-processing engine is an optimal solution for noise reduction and better colour reproduction. This feature is one of the most desired ones for wedding photography.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV – Canon is a magical camera manufacturing company which is known to offer its customer nothing less than the best of results. Its single-digit range is much appreciated, and talking about the 5D Mark IV range, here are some of its majorly celebrated features:

  • The 30.4 MP CMOS sensor makes the details of a picture appear naturally and that makes the marriage photographs life-like even after years of being clicked.
  • The focusing and metering of the device are known to be the most advanced and lets the pictures clicked without getting blurred or distorted.
  • While making the videos, the cameraman can see the features of Full HD up to 100/120p coming handy and great.
  • Also, the Canon camera connects the app that can be installed on the phone to get the camera connected to it with Wi-Fi and download the pictures directly.

Canon EOS 80D – Continuing to talk about the brilliant quality of devices offered by Canon, it's one more brilliant camera is making its position in the list of best wedding photography cameras available. If you want to know the reasons, what makes it so special and a must-have, read the following points:

The users of the camera claim that it lets them click the stellar sharp images. The 45 focus point and cross-type auto focusing system may be the reason behind the great results one can seek through it.

  • The AF Modes that are offered in this device are of three types: AI Focus, One Shot, AI Servo. The better focusing lets the subjects at the wedding appear amazingly well and creates a distinction with the background by still being a part of it.
  • The LCD Monitor of the camera is a touch screen that makes the managing of the features better and easier. The wedding photographer can get the benefit of this feature while clicking the pictures and not have to worry about changing the settings after going through multiple steps.

Now that you are familiar with the best cameras you can get for wedding photography, you shall search for these and buy the one that fits your budget. However, if you are setting a whole wedding photography team, you can buy different cameras as well. 

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