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Amazing Bridal Lehenga Tips for Every Bride

When it comes to the wedding, what excites you more? Well, as a bride-to-be, shopping for your wedding lehenga, isn’t it! That is the very first thing that every girl is overwhelmed as well as frantic about. And when your bridal lehenga is what mainly defines your whole bridal look and must be the one that reverberates with your style which shouts ‘YOU’ in every sense. Hence, it is important to put in a considerate amount of thought and time in selecting the best bridal lehenga.

Flaunt your Curves with These 7 Amazing Bridal Lehenga Hacks

When the event is so special, we thought to help you with some of the best bridal lehenga tips to ease up your shopping. Just keep the tips we are going to list and make the lehenga shopping less challenging and a lot easier. So, take out a pen and paper, note the points, and skim through the following tips to avoid making those ‘silly’ wedding lehenga shopping mistakes:

#1 Pay Special Attention to the Blouse

The total cost of the bridal lehenga is directly proportional to the work done on it. Even though heavily embroidered wedding lehengas are always in trend, brides nowadays, started experimenting with it. Now, modern brides are keeping the lehenga simple but heavy jewelry and heavily embroidered blouse. So, you can also do some experiment and try something different by paying special attention to your blouse.

#2 Forget ‘Readymade’ Lehenga, Go All Customized

If budget is a problem for you, then this ‘trick’ can save you. Just go to the market and collect the essential materials needed for your wedding lehenga. This will not only help you save some money but you will also be exposed to a variety of fabrics, latches, borders, styles, etc. Trust us! You will have a wonderful experience. Just forget about the heavy embroidery as the cost of the bridal lehenga is directly associated with the amount of work done on the dress. Instead, go for ‘self-fabric’ and Indian handlooms such as silks, brocade, bandhej, and rich velvets. These fabrics look amazing and won’t be harsh on your pocket as well. By investing in one of these fabrics, you can have a mesmerizing lehenga which is not expensive at all.

#3 Play with Colors

To have a rich wedding lehenga for a stunning look, play around with different colors. Some hues like red, burgundy, fuchsia pink, emerald green, lime green and blue look extremely stunning. All these colors look quite amazing in fabrics such as net and raw silk. A combination of these fabrics and colors can make a bridal look ravishing even with the least embroidery.

#4 Do Not Ignore Your Dupatta

Many girls believe that dupatta is just a part of their wedding outfit and should be heavy just like their wedding lehenga. However, this is not true! A dupatta should not be ‘that’ heavy. You can go for minimal embroidered and light dupatta with your heavy lehenga choli. Still, if you want to carry a heavy dupatta, then sequins work or buttis work dupatta will look amazing. Furthermore, a simple dupatta can significantly bring down the overall cost of your wedding dress but highlight your skirt and blouse.

#5 Borders are Essential

When it comes to wedding lehenga ideas, you cannot ignore the importance of borders. They come in all styles and shapes. They can be expensive than your diamond ring or cheaper than chocolate. If you are thinking that a wedding lehenga can look good even without borders, then compare the lehengas with and without borders! Don’t they look pretty! Even though you can go for a lehenga without border, adding a minimal one to your dress can enhance its beauty. Additionally, a lehenga with minimum border work will cost you less due to nominal work and embroidery.

#6 Ditch Brands, Count on Your Local ‘Darzi’

Well, every girl wants to wear a wedding lehenga with a ‘BIG’ label attached to it but they can ruin your entire wedding budget. So, it is best to use your imagination and be your own designer to design a unique wedding lehenga. However, you can take inspiration from some of your favorite designers and create something awe-inspiring. To put it simply, you can save huge bucks by getting your wedding lehenga customized like a branded and designer outfit.

#7 Rent a Wedding Lehenga

Amazed! But you can indeed rent a wedding lehenga if you are not willing to spend a huge amount on it. Today, there are several websites for this and it is quite an affordable option as it will not burn a hole in your pocket. You can also rent designer wedding lehengas to look like a princess on your special day. If you are searching for the best wedding lehenga ideas, then renting a lehenga would be a smarter choice for sure.

Final Thought

Finding a dream dress for your wedding under your budget is not a problem if you keep these bridal lehenga tips in mind. A wedding dress is one of the most important outfits for you and we only want you to see happy and smiling in it. Thus, do not let go of your dreams but alter them a bit to get something that makes you smile and your wallet as well.

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