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Top 5 Locations For Destination Wedding in India

Weddings are the rigmarole of the love and bonding two people are going to share for a lifetime. The little moments of joy and care define the preciousness of the relation to be lived till eternity. The trend of the destination wedding is a novel one and seems to impress people from all around the world. If you have the desire to visit the most majestic places in India and schedule all the functions of your wedding in a mesmerizing destination, you shall prioritize the following places.

  1. Ranakpur – One of the most exotic and royal places to go for the most charismatic destination wedding In India is Ranakpur. Caked with several forts and natural beauty, Ranakpur is an ideal location to tie the knots in. At the time of dawn, the elfin lights coming from within the fort rooms will enchant each and everyone attending the marriage and will create a lasting impression of love, magic, and perpetuity. Not only your presently spent moments of wedding traditions in the place will be perfect, but the pictures clicked in Ranakpur will be an absolute delight to the eyes in the years to come.
  2. Goa – Be unique with your outdoor wedding location and invite your loved ones to the beaches of Goa for attending your idiosyncratic destination wedding. Amidst the beaches and tranquilizing waves of the Travellers’ Paradise, it will be an ideal wedding. Under the scorching sun, one can easily find palatable seafood dishes and a hefty amount of fun items to do alongside attending the wedding. It will be great if you ask your destination wedding photographer to accompany you to the place and click splendid pictures during the wedding.
  3. Ajmer – Ajmer represents the royal heritage of Rajputs of Rajasthan and if a couple wishes to have a regal wedding with all the hefty decorations, forts, and lights, and then Ajmer is the place to visit. Various hotels are built in a traditional style to recreate the princely effect. It is surely one of the most admired and best wedding destinations in India. The lavish arrangements will blow the mind of the bride, groom and all the visitors and create a surreal memory that will last forever.
  4. Mussoorie – If you love hills, chilly winds, and snow, the queen of the hills is the place to schedule your wedding at. Mussoorie is located nearby Dehradoon and is the home to various beautiful resorts and hotels where one can tie the knots with the love of their life. As a destination wedding spot, this location can never make anyone go upset. The picturesque view and the climate of the city are always mesmerizing and able to soothe the hearts of the people visiting it.
  5. Agra – One of the wonders of the world, the epitome of love and beauty, the Taj Mahal resides in the heart of Agra. The city can turn out to be an impeccable destination where you promise the world to your sweetheart and tie the knot of marriage with love and happiness. It will be fun and surreal to take the oath of being together with your partner in sickness and health, in the location where Shahjahan has already made history for his beloved wife Mumtaz, by building an aesthetic piece of architecture.

Take the note properly and make sure that you cherry-pick the wedding decision wisely and with utter care. However, a consequential thing that shall not be skipped is to hire a professional wedding photographer who can capture the moments of a lifetime most subtly and amazingly.

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