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15 Essential Moments to Capture On Your Wedding Day

A wedding is a beautiful garland of intimate and precious moments. These memories created on the bride and groom’s special day by family and friends will be cherished for their lifetime. Therefore, it is important for a photographer to capture each and every essential moment at a wedding. Here is a checklist of all the candid and special moments that wedding photographers should not forget to capture in any case:

  1. Bride getting ready: There is something beautiful about a bride getting her makeup done and the anticipation of the guests about how beautiful the bride is going to look on her wedding day. You can take this shot by capturing the details of her dress or her friends or cousins helping her to look her best. Take the bride’s singles where she is either wearing earrings or putting a bindi on her forehead. The shot taken through her sheer dupatta shot is a classic frame. The bride getting ready, shy and tensed, yet happy and excited is a beautiful and alluring shot that no wedding photographers should miss.
  2. Bride walking down the aisle: Since everyone at the wedding is expecting a gorgeous arrival of the bride, this moment is a must to capture. Shoot the grand entry of the bride in her beautiful wedding dress with her bridesmaids and brothers. Ask the bride in advance if she has made any special requests for her entry on a chariot or with a garland roof over the top. This will give you room to experiment by taking shots from various angles. While you are at it, do not forget to capture the groom’s expressions when he first looks at his wife-to-be approaching. 
  3. Close up of the couple: Lock those love birds in your frame. The moment they exchange garlands or wedding rings with emotional wedding vows are one of the most important moments during the wedding ceremony. Focus on the emotions of both bride and groom at this moment. You can also zoom in on the rings they hold in their hands. You can be more creative where the focus is on the ring and the couple is blurred in the background.
  4. First Dance: The first dance is an important moment in a couple’s life at the wedding. Their dance at the wedding is how people see their chemistry with each other. So, it has to be the best. Keep your cameras ever ready and use your secondary shooter at this moment as dancing can be a transient moment. Manage to capture their best moves and be swift on your moves just like their dance choreography. Along with their dance steps, put a focus on their expressions like when they are looking into each other’s eyes while dancing or the way they hold each other's hands. These photos will say a lot about their chemistry.
  5. Bride portraits: This one goes without saying. Since it is her wedding, she deserves a solo photo shoot. During the bride’s photo shoot, your focus should be on her dress, smile, and demeanor. You also have the liberty to use props in the photos. You could capture the henna on her feet in beautiful cinderella like stilettos and the anklet. Capture her merry mood as she swirls her wedding lehenga. You could also take a full close-up of her face showing her make-up and one in a million smile.
  6. Groom’s portraits: Just like the bride, a groom deserves a handsome solo photo shoot too. He could do a classic pose with his hands in his pockets or him holding the groom’s traditional sword. Make him sit on the wedding chair to show him like a king who is happy to have his queen. The sherwani he will be wearing will make him look all regal and classy. Tell him as if he is going to be featured on the cover of a vanity magazine to bring out the best in him.
  7. Couple portraits: This is the part of the wedding photography that the couple are looking forward to. After all, they are going to get life-sized images of these photos framed and hang in their room. So, these have to look royal and tasteful. You could go for classic pose where the bride is sitting on the chair and the groom is right behind her. Or you could go vice-versa. Make these photos look interactive and not just two people getting photos clicked. You can try different angles, positions and theme for such shoots.
  8. Wedding party: While your main focus is the bride and the groom, do not forget about the party and its guests. A wedding album is going to be a montage of everyone including the guests having fun. Show how the wedding couple is entertaining their guests. Take photos of everyone dancing or playing their role in the ceremony like showering flowers on the wedding couple or bridesmaids blowing kisses to their girl. Include each and every person at the wedding to make the event more memorable and real.
  9. Formal shots: Once you are done with couple’s portraits, including bridesmaids and groomsmen in the photoshoot too. This is where the wedding couple, their friends, and even you can have so much fun. Do unique poses where groom and his men are standing in superheroes pose or bridesmaids blowing kisses to the bride. They could even be helping her to get ready. Have a shot where all of them are included like a tug of war. Surely, the couple and their friends would have a number of ideas.
  10. Overall reception shot: Before everything begins, take some brilliant shots of the venue where the ceremony takes place. Capture how beautifully the mandap is decorated with flowers or the arrangement in the hall where reception is going to take place. Reach at the venue before everyone else so you can take photos without anyone else photobombing the pictures. Keep in mind the lighting in the room to have lovely photos. These photos make a perfect addition to the wedding album.
  11. Cake photo: The photo of the wedding cake is as important as the venue. Basically, a couple would want to remember each and every detail of their wedding day, however small it may be. Some couples put in a lot of effort on having not only a yummy but also a beautiful looking cake. Make sure you have its full photo before it is cut into pieces. LOL! Include the photo of couple cutting the cake too.
  12. Bride’s farewell: A bride’s farewell is the most emotional moment of the whole wedding affair and a photographer has the challenge of capturing it well. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. So you have to capture a mother’s emotions, her agony of sending her daughter away, in a photo. A father’s sadness of giving her daughter away during Kanyadaan and the brother bidding farewell to his sister and asking her husband to take good care of her. Do not forget to capture these moments. They are emotional but beautiful and fragile too.
  13. Family Formals: A family who takes photos together stays together! Since a wedding is a holy matrimony where two families are joined together, a wedding album should cover all their love and best wishes. Photos, like seeking blessings from grandparents or having baby niece or nephew in your lap, should make the cut to the wedding album. Events like weddings are the only time when the whole familia is together. So, having a large group photo is mandatory.
  14. Kaleera Shot: This is when the bride and her brigade have a little fun. Capture the naughtiness of the bride shaking her Kaleeras on her friend’s head and the nervousness of the bridesmaids to see if they are next in line. a photographer can make these shots candid as well as quirky depending on what he has in mind and how well he captures the moment with his spontaneity. Document the expressions of the bride and her friends during this playful event.
  15. Essential detail shots: This is where you focus on the elements like the bride’s dress or groom’s headgear. Each and every accessory in bride and groom’s wedding dress holds a great significance in making them look pretty on their wedding day. Whether it is the bride’s chooda or groom’s kalgi on the head, her stilettos or his jooti which shall be stolen by his sisters in law, all these things should be captured by the photographer to include in the wedding album. 

Having such emotion packed, playful and memorable pictures in your wedding album will make it a treasure trove of precious memories. 

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