About Us

A powerful photo or video is the best and liveliest way to tell a story. You can bring together characters, storylines, and a unique dimension to anything you want to convey. Subodh Bajpai photography, a unit of PROJEXIS MEDIA Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 2013 with a vision to serve as Lucknow’s and eventually the country’s best wedding photography company. The former, we have finally achieved; the latter, we are on the path to achieving in the forth coming years. A passionate photographer since childhood, Subodh Bajpai, our founder went on to pursue his Masters in photography and went on to translate his passion into a number of services that we bring to you today.

Company Overview

Today, we are Lucknow’s top photography company and also the first company in India to have covered more than a staggering 500 weddings in a year. Yes, the numbers tell the story for us. In 2017-18, we covered 533 weddings, 812 engagements, 1156 pre weddings functions with in excess of 2000 happy clients in Lucknow and other parts of the country. Our professional photography has also been awarded and recognised by the Government of India in the past. We have a team of 82 professionals working day in and day out to keep you, our customers, happy and satisfied. The services that we offer include Pre Wedding Photography, Destination Wedding, and Candid Photography among other services.

About Subodh

We are the only wedding photography studio recognized by the Government of India and have been offering exceptional wedding photography services for over 5 years now. Our goal is to help you visualize every thought, every idea, and every event that is dear to your heart. Anchored by professional photography leaders in our team, we aim to establish ourselves as the country’s leading photography company and hope to create a satisfied client base across India and increase our field presence in other parts of the globe.

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